Penguin Watching At Its Finest

Say hi to Agness and Cez, a travel duo from eTramping. These two are the best friends from Poland and have been travelling together across the world since 2011. They are both photography passionate, obsessed with healthy lifestyle, good food and visiting unique travel destinations not everyone has a chance to go explore, like Antarctica! … Continue Reading

Thoughts From 10 Months On The Road

"Please fill in your phone number and your address, miss." "Oh. I don't have a phone number." The man looks up from his paper."No phone number? All right. Just your address then." "Sorry, I don't have an address either."  This time the man puts away the paper and looks at me suspiciously. "You don't have … Continue Reading

Traveling Has Made Me Become a Minimalist

One thing I'm absolutely certain about is that traveling has made me become a minimalist.  It started when I packed up my bag and ventured out in the world. I knew that I could only own what I could carry in my backpack. Except for the two moving boxes in my mum's house with some … Continue Reading

Tips For an Epic Trip to the US

I've only been to the US twice in my 25 years, but both times were absolutely incredible and I'm still dreaming of going back there soon. It's such a massive country with loads of cities and towns to visit. National Parks to wander around in. Road trips to be taken. Here are some tips I learned … Continue Reading

Dear Fellow Travelers, Stop Embarrassing the Rest of Us

I was absolutely appalled when I caught up with the news last night and I saw articles about "beg-packing". It's a term I've never heard before and I hope I will never hear it again.  "Beg-packing" is when backpackers go traveling, run out of money and then stand on the streets in foreign countries and … Continue Reading