Most Attractive Places To Visit In Istanbul

Turkey is located right in the Middle of Asia and Europe. It functions like a bridge between these two continents. It effects the culture, food, architecture and everything. If you would visit the most popular city of Turkey: Istanbul, you would probably think the same. The city makes you feel like you are in both … Continue Reading

Soul Searching Trips That You Shouldn’t Put Off

There will come a time in your existence when life itself will become tedious. The day by day grind of getting up to go to work, coming home and dealing with errands to only then come home to cook dinner, then go straight to bed, will start to behave like a lump in your heart. … Continue Reading

Outdoor Activity Ideas For Your Next Vacation

Deciding to vacation is the easy part, it’s picking where to go that takes time and effort. Anyone who loves being outside, will embrace the thought of taking a trip where you’re spending most of your time outdoors. Consider who you’re going with and for how many days as you begin planning. Research your options … Continue Reading

Announcing My Next Long Term Trip

I know some of you have been interested in finding out where I am going next. Sorry for not keeping you in the loop. Ever since I came back from my long term trip in Italy and Asia I have only been doing a few short trips here and there.  Basically, I have been trying … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Natural Attractions in Croatia You Must See

We’re Agness and Cez from, one of the most resourceful travel blogs around. We would love to recommend you the most amazing natural attractions in Croatia you simply must see. Croatia is a small country located in the Balkan region between Central and Southeast Europe and Mediterranean countries. It has one of the most … Continue Reading