Around The USA: From A To Z

One problem with planning a trip to the states is that there are too many cool destinations to choose from! Not sure where you want to visit? Hopefully, this A to Z of the USA will help you figure it out. A - Alaska. Sure, it’ll be cold, but imagine exploring that great landscape! B … Continue Reading

The Best of France in 10 Days by Rail

France, the city of lights and love, attracts millions of tourists every year. It’s one such country in the world where the tourists outnumber the locals. The European country is famous for its scrumptious food, exotic language, heritage sites and eccentric artists. As the cities and towns are well-connected by a high-speed train system, the … Continue Reading

Experience the Sagrada Familia Tour in Barcelona

If art and architecture is your thing then Barcelona in Spain is the place where you belong. There are so many incredible landmarks to be found in this city, but the most notable ones are without a doubt the ones designed by Antoni Gaudí. Antoni was a Spanish architect known for his Catalan modernism and … Continue Reading

What Is Home To A Traveler?

A traveler has many homes. But what is home, really? To me, home is a lot of places. Home is on a street cafe in Bologna. Home is in the jungle outside Chiang Mai. Home is when I'm walking through the colourful Riomaggiore.  Home is with the Orangutans in Borneo. Home is in a cheap … Continue Reading

How to Travel the US on a Budget

For many, travel seems like an unattainable luxury, left for only those who have the extra income to afford it. But that’s simply not true. Traveling can work for almost any budget. In some cases, it can even be free! The United States is a particularly budget-friendly travel destination. It’s a veritable playground of places … Continue Reading