Turkey’s Golden Triangle: Istanbul, Cappadocia Ephesus

Turkey is located on an ancient peninsula: Anatolia. Anatolia stretches from Europe to Asia and connects the two continents. Therefore it has always been an important piece of land throughout the history.

In the Ancient and Medieval Ages, Mesopotamia and Egypt were valuable places. These lands had fertile lands, prosperous cities. Besides they were very close to the ancient trade routes: Silk Road and Spice Road.

Naturally every Empire or any dominant power wanted to seize the lands. Anatolia was like a bridge to reach to Mesopotamia and rest of this precious lands.

Alexander the Great, Roman Empire and Crusaders had passed through Anatolia to achieve their goals.


Cappadocia is located in the Central Turkey. In other words, it’s situated in the heart of Anatolia. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular destination in Turkey, alongside with the Istanbul and Ephesus.

Cappadocia is famous for its volcanic landscapes, cave hotels, fairy chimneys and it’s important place in Christian history. Besides it has underground cities. As i mentioned earlier, many dominant power of the old World, wished to seize the Middle East. The massive armies marched on the Anatolia. The intelligent people of the Ancient Age, build massive underground cities to protect themselves from these wars and plunders.

Cappadocian underground cities were designed as a perfect city. They even had meeting rooms and wine cellars. Therefore, if you ever go to visit Turkey, make sure that Cappadocia is in your list.


Istanbul is connecting the Europe and Asia. The famous Bosphorus Bridge is an iconic connection between two sides. Every year “Eurasia Marathon” is being organized by Turkish authorities, as a symbolic sporting event from one side to another.

Istanbul can be considered as a little model of Anatolia. As both of them symbolically functions as a bridge between two sides.

Istanbul had been the capital of great empires in the past. Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Emperors ruled vasts lands from Istanbul as it had been the governing state. Therefore Istanbul has a lot of place to see, as the  heritage of this great history.

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Ephesus is located at Western Turkey. Comparing to Istanbul and Cappadocia, Ephesus is a nicer summer destination. In Istanbul and Cappadocia you can do sightseeing and discover historic places. In Ephesus, you can do cultural tours and plus sea-sand-sun summer holiday.

Ephesus is very near to Turkey’s holiday cities. Izmir, Mugla and Fethiye are considered as the best areas to go summer holiday.

Izmir has Cesme, Alacati, Foca neighborhoods as a perfect holiday destination. Besides the Kusadasi Cruise Port is also located there.

Mugla has famous holiday village of Turkey: The Bodrum. Bodrum is by far the most popular holiday destination for both locals and foreigners.

Fethiye has Oludeniz and priceless coves. It’s mostly the highlight of Blue Voyages that sails across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. It has unique natural lands like Butterfly Valley.

In order to learn more about Ephesus and its neighbouring sights, I would recommend you to check the Ephesus Private Tours from Istanbul blog page to get detailed information.

When is the best time to visit Turkey?

I would recommend you to visit the Cappadocia and Istanbul in spring or autumn, as it’s the perfect time for long walks. Friendly weather for roaming around the historic sights. Around 20 celcius degrees.

Visiting the Ephesus is a little bit different. It might be hard to walk around the Ephesus Ancient City during the summer but you may relax at the end of the day in a beach. As the Ephesus is neighbour to numerous beaches, holiday resorts and summer destinations.

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