The Best Destinations To Visit On A European Trip

Europe is a continent full of such diverse culture across numerous different countries. In fact, there’s diverse culture within those countries too. Every city and town has its own identity, much like anywhere else in the world. Of course, that can make it difficult to “experience Europe”. If you only visit one place then you’re not experiencing everything that this part of the world has to offer. You need to go on an extensive trip so that you can explore the many different countries in this continent. Every European country has its own identity; you shouldn’t just group them all under one umbrella. Still, whilst there might be dozens of cities and countries that you want to visit when exploring this continent, we’re going to look at three places which definitely need to be at the top of your priority list. If you’re wondering where to visit on your European trip then these are some of the best possible destinations.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The capital of the Netherlands is a great place to begin on your European tour. This city offers everything. You could visit the Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s busiest park (and the prettiest, arguably). There’s also a lot of culture to absorb in this famous city. You should visit the Van Gogh Museum if you want to see the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and letters. You might even want to check out if you fancy the idea of taking a scenic cruise down Amsterdam’s famous river Amstel. You could even extend this tour to the rivers of other European countries. There are so many different ways to explore Amsterdam and other cities. The whole point of taking a European trip is to experience more than one place, so try not to stay still for too long. Soak it all in, and keep on moving. Speaking of which, you should also visit…

Scotland, The United Kingdom.

Whilst you may not immediately think of Scotland when it comes to a trip around Europe, it’s definitely not a country that you should leave off your list. There’s so much to explore in terms of both natural beauty and human culture in this part of the world. You should begin by exploring the Scottish Highlands, and we’ve posted pictures in the past on this site if you need any incentive to do so. You’ll find gloriously-green pastures and magnificent relics such as Dunnottar Castle just outside Stonehaven. In terms of culture, you should visit Edinburgh if you want to get a real feel for Scotland and its story. The capital has so much to offer in terms of stunning architecture and breathtaking views. There are also heaps of events and festivals in the city throughout the year.

Italian Culture

Rome, Italy.

Finally, you should make a promise to yourself that you’ll visit Rome. This beautiful city proudly displays both its historical position in Roman history and its place in the present-day. The capital clings to its roots, but it isn’t afraid to step into the modern world. And that’s the perfect combination for anyone who’s exploring a brand new city. You should obviously start by exploring iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. However, as mentioned over at, you also need to explore the modern designer shops and sleek restaurants that the city has to offer.

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