An Instagrammer’s Guide To The Greek Island of Santorini

For as long as Instagram has been going and people have been traveling to the stunning Island of Santorini, it has put the island on the map and put in high on many people’s bucket list. The bright white buildings next to the bright azure blue sky and the clear ocean, make it a dream of a destination. You can enjoy a relaxing and sun-drenched vacation on the island, as well as get some amazing photographs as it is such a stunning backdrop. So if you want to up your Instagram game, and enjoy travel, then here are some tips to make sure that you enjoy the best of the island and get those key shots!

Arrive Early

If you are going during peak tourist season, then funnily enough, it can be a pretty busy island. And the main place, Oia, is one of the busiest places you can be. So if you want to make sure that you can get some classic quiet Greek village images, then you need to be there before the crowds arrive. Around 8 am is the ideal time to be up and at ‘em. By 10 am there can be crowds of people in the main tourist areas, making it trickier to get the images that you want.

Pack Light

Santorini in the summer months can be really warm. It isn’t especially humid, but you’ll basically want to be in your bikini all day, though that isn’t going to be the best thing to do culturally. So if you are visiting in summer, then pack light if you want to be posting plenty of ‘OOTD’ pictures. You’ll want sandals, flip-flops, and light and floaty summer dresses. Nothing too thick like denim.

Go Out To Sea

The island, as the name suggests, is surrounded by water. So one of the best ways to see it all, some of the best views, and get some beautiful images would be to charter a boat out to see, with a company like theglobesailor, for example. With crews on-board, you can get pretty far out and take a dip into the ocean. Just think of those stunning Insta-images you’ll get out on a yacht in the Mediterranean sea!

Head Off The Beaten Track

There are some classic images of Santorini that everyone will have seen. High up, looking out on the rest of the island, for one. But there are plenty of quirky places to explore, if you have time to wander off the regular tourist spots. From quaint little villages and water fountains, to local ice-cream huts, there can be some cute photos waiting to happen.

Get Quad-Biking

Due to the small roads, Santorini isn’t somewhere that you want to hire a car at. But there are plenty of places where you can hire a quad bike and explore the island; it really is the transport method of choice out there. You can find some hidden gems this way, and see much more of the island than you might if you were walking.

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  1. Santorini is an outstanding Island.The View there is exceptional and once you see the scenes there, you will go Rolf.Being A traveler I have been to many Island But Santorini is very different and beautiful.

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