Where In The World Will You Travel In 2018? Planning Your Next Trip

If you’re a willing victim of wanderlust or the cold climes are getting you down, you may be thinking of planning your next trip. With the dawn of a new year fast approaching, what could be better than looking for inspiration for your next adventure? If you’re struggling to narrow down the options, here are some pointers that may come in handy.

What do you want to do?

Taking a vacation isn’t always about sitting by a pool or hitting the beach. While these are incredibly popular things to do on holiday, a beach break is by no means the only option out there. When you’re considering locations for your next trip, think about what you want to do. Do you want to escape it all and maroon yourself on a desert island, do you want to experience a different culture and tour sights and attractions, or are you keen to challenge yourself or get active? There are so many different types of holiday on offer and such a broad spectrum of activities out there. If you’re looking for a sedate island adventure, why not travel to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Fiji or the Maldives? For a cultural break, consider visiting Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, China or India or combine sightseeing with relaxation in Malaysia or Thailand. If you’re an adventurous type, embrace the great outdoors in the national parks of the USA, take a road trip in New Zealand or enjoy the spellbinding scenery in the land of fire and ice, Iceland.

How far do you want to travel?

If you’re looking at options for your next trip, consider how far you want to travel. If you’ve only got a weekend or a few days, you don’t want to spend the entire time on a plane, a train or a boat. If you’ve got a little longer and you don’t mind long-haul flights, you can travel further afield. Look at flight times, see how much time you have available and think about the kind of break you want. If you’re based in Europe, it’s very easy to travel around, and you can get almost anywhere within a few hours, which is brilliant if you’re short on time. Take a trip to London, Paris, Rome or Barcelona to tick off those bucket list essentials or get off the beaten track and visit Slovenia, Poland or Lithuania. If you’re keen on a far-flung adventure, soak up the sun in Mexico, Bali or Australia, go on safari in Botswana or South Africa or enjoy the thrills and spills of a classic American road trip.

How much do you want to spend?

Your budget may rule out some options, but it is possible to get a long way on a shoestring. If you’ve got destinations in mind, compare flight prices online and look at affordable accommodation options such as hostels and home swaps. If you can travel out of season, you’re more likely to get a bargain.

If you’re keen to start planning your next trip, now is a good time to start. With the onset of winter blues approaching, it’s time to check out some options and succumb to wanderlust.

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