My First House-Sitting Gig Thanks to Nomador

I have wanted to do house-sitting for such a long time. I think it’s a brilliant way to travel and save money on accommodation and I know so many of my fellow blogger friends who do it on a regular basis. So of course I thought it was about time that I tried it, too.
Thanks to the international house-sitting community Nomador I got my first house-sitting gig and it was an excellent experience from start to finish.

I created my profile on their website and made sure I got a high trust score. This means that you submit your ID and address for example and Nomador will verify it. It’s a great way to keep members on the site as safe as possible, so kudos to them for having this verification process.
I made sure to add a photo of me and my parents’ gorgeous dog, Zippo, so the hosts could instantly see that I’m definitely a dog lover.

first house-sitting gig

I had no idea how long it would take for me to find a house-sit. I had heard that it can be quite tricky in the beginning when you’re new and you don’t have any references from previous house-sit. But I was determined to find something. And I did.
I wrote to three hosts on my first day on the site and I was incredibly happy to see that the next day I had a reply from one of them.

It was a couple in Torino, Italy who were looking for a house-sitter for a week in November while they went on holiday. As you guys know, I started my full time travels in Italy a year and a half ago, however, I never made it to Torino, so this was a wonderful opportunity! We messaged back and forward for a few days when they finally announced that they’d love to have me as their house-sitter and dog-sitter. They have a lovely dog called Nyles, and after seeing photos and a video of him I was excited to get to meet him.

first house-sitting gig

I flew to Torino after spending three incredible weeks in Lithuania. I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. I had read up on all of the do’s and don’ts for house-sitters but it was still all so new to me.
But I had absolutely nothing to worry about. When I arrived in Italy I was greeted like I was family. I was immediately made to feel like I was at home and nothing was too much trouble for the owners. I was given the master bedroom and told that I should treat their home like my own.

And the best thing was that Nyles, the dog, was the cutest little thing in the world! I spent a week walking up and down the beautiful cobblestone streets of Torino with him, enjoying the sunshine although winter was slowly announcing its arrival. In the evenings we were cuddled up on the sofa together – he quickly learned that I was happy to rub his belly for as long as he wanted it so he definitely took advantage of that. At night he stayed in the bedroom with me and did not leave before I got up. I wish I could have spent months with that dog!
I got to live like a local and I tried (and failed) to cook real Italian food.

first house-sitting gig

It was such a great experience that when I had finished the house-sit after that one week I was straight back on to Nomador’s website to look for new ones. I’ve gotten a lot of offers since then, but sadly they’re all over Christmas and I’m finally spending a Christmas with my family, so I’ve had to turn the offers down unfortunately. But I know more will come along, especially now that I have an amazing review from my new Torino-family. 

So, you have now heard about my first house-sitting gig. But have you ever done house-sitting? Let me know about your experience by leaving a comment. 

*Nomador kindly provided me with a membership free of charge to test their services. But as usual, all opinions are my own. 

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