How To Make Traveling About More Than Time Off Work


“You’re going traveling for six months? I’m so jealous that I won’t be working for that long!” That is how people react when they hear a person is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. For a bona fide explorer, it’s not the truth because traveling is about experiencing new things and different cultures. However, some people can’t wait to quit work and sit on a beach for half a year. In fact, it’s the main reason they travel in the first place.

Traveling is not a glorified vacation even if it looks like one from the outside. It’s an experience which brings people together for life and is unforgettable. If you feel that you are guilty of treating it like a long holiday, there are ways to add a sense of purpose to your next trip.

These are the ways to ensure your next traveling session turns into a meaningful and significant journey.

Pick The Destination Wisely

It’s easy to see why people get sidetracked when they are in Rio partying during carnival season. Sure, drinking and dancing is a part of the Brazilian culture, but there is so much more to the country. Indeed, many cities and states don’t celebrate Carnival and choose to carry on with life as normal. However, it’s impossible to know this unless you go off the beaten track. Rio de Janeiro is on your bucket list for a reason, yet you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit in the future. The places you won’t get to see often are the small towns and villages inhabited by tribes in the Amazon. By resisting the temptation to see the hub of Brazil, you can experience the heart of the country instead. And, the whole trip will give you a new sense of perspective.

Choose A Homestay

Every country and continent has thousands of accommodations to pick from regardless of geography. Tourism has become such a huge part of life in lesser economically developed countries that commercialism has taken over. When you add in the fact that luxury is cheaper abroad, it’s not hard to see why a five-star hotel is in demand. The thing is that a hotel or a villa is pretty much the same in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia or the Americas barring the scenery. So, you don’t get to experience the true lifestyle of the country but a sanitized version for your pleasure. Homestays are not the same because you are in a person’s house living the same life. As well as eating the same food and watching the same entertainment, you may be the same jobs too. Not only does this bring you closer to your surrogate family but the culture also.

Have A Reason Why

Traveling just to get away from life at home is as good as any reason to jet off to a foreign land. But, if you want to have a sense of purpose, a reason to leave life behind is always a bonus. Why? It’s because it spurs you on to hit your targets and to never stop regardless of the situation. Take the annual trek across Northern Spain as an example. Every year, pilgrims tackle the Pyrenees for a charity of their choice, walking non-stop for over 25 days. However, it doesn’t have to be a sanctioned journey as No Birds Bash shows. The owners of this website traversed Australia for the benefit of sick children, seeing the country and doing it for a fantastic cause.

Travel To Work

Talk about the world’s longest commute! Leaving one country to work in another doesn’t appeal to lots of travelers. In fact, the only reason people entertain the idea is for money. Still, the green stuff doesn’t have to make your world spin if you are not that way inclined. Nope, you can choose to work in a foreign country for free and help people. Volunteers do it on a daily basis from the United States of America to China and Papua New Guinea. While there, you get to see your immediate surroundings and take in the country while completing tasks. And, once you are done, you can move onto another cause and tick a new item off the bucket list. When money isn’t an issue, people tend to get a new lease on life and see the world in a diverse way. Who knows? It may encourage you to help others for the rest of your life.

Traveling is relaxing, but it’s also about broadening your horizons. Hopefully, these tips will help you keep that in mind.

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  1. Yeh I am agree with you that feel very jealous. I am a jobber I always want to traveling now my team member and me planing to travel some were but some friend are not going to us they feel very jealous. I enjoy your post thanks for sharing.

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