How to add text to a travel photo by Movavi Photo Editor

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Every person has old travel memories in form of photos. Sometimes many persons deal with photos to remember them. So they try to text on them. But the question is how to write a text, caption or anything on one of your travel photos.

Here is an answer for the question we can use software that are available in the market with which you can add anything to a photo. There are various software available in market which can help you to write or add anything to a travel photo. The best software is Movavi Photo Editor, through which you can add text to image.

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You can add anything to a photo through in-built graphics in Movavi Photo Editor. It is handy and multitalented software which helps you to add anything to photos very easily and in no time. This software is a premium photo editor loved by travelers. The main advantage of Movavi Photo Editor is that it works on both Windows and MAC. It is the best software ever.

The key feature of Movavi Photo Editor is that it removes unwanted objects from photos. It has a great range of picture editing options. It has the feature to adjust the brightness and contrast. You can also highlight anything which is in the foreground of the picture.

It helps to remove the excess bits that aren’t wanted by features of crop, flip and rotate, so that it gives a perfect result. It has handy selection of tools. It erases unwanted objects from photos. It supports all popular image formats. It is an intuitive interface. So for adding anything to photos, you have t download the Movavi Photo Editor. Its process is as follows:

Launch the program and add photos

Firstly download the software on computer and as soon as the downloading is finished the program will run automatically. Then you have to add image to the program. You can do this by browse button or you can directly drag and drop the photo in the editing area.

Insert your caption

After adding photo to the editing area of the program, click on the TEXT panel on the upper side of the program. Then on side a box will open, there you have to click on ADD TEXT button. Then you have to type the character or any caption which you want in the white broken lines which will appear over the image. You can also add several blocks of text.

Edit the text

After typing the text, you have to edit it. You can easily do that by using different tools given in the program. There are two options in the TEXT panel first is Text i.e. sub-tab and second is BACKGROUND. You can first select the TEXT sub-tab there you can adjust the text’s color, size, transparency and anything until you get your desired result. Then you have to select the BACKGROUND tab to change the color, frame size, etc. of the background to make it look perfect.

Then for adding different stickers to your photo, just click on ADD DECORATION button. This gives the photo a nice and unique look, but if you are not satisfied with the result, you can remove all by clicking on the REMOVE ALL button and start over again.

Save the result

Now, if you are satisfied with the result, you can save the picture by clicking on the SAVE button, by choosing the destination folder, file name and format. You can save your picture in any popular format like JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.

So if you want to add text or any caption to your photo, just download Movavi Photo Editor. It is handy and powerful tool that can be used by anyone, so just download it and get the perfect Instagram photos.

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