Soul Searching Trips That You Shouldn’t Put Off

There will come a time in your existence when life itself will become tedious. The day by day grind of getting up to go to work, coming home and dealing with errands to only then come home to cook dinner, then go straight to bed, will start to behave like a lump in your heart. Surely life has more to offer than just the monotonous cycle of everyday experiences that just seem to get more and more predictable. The truth is that it does, but in order for you to experience the best moments in life and the planet, you have to be brave. No one got to test oneself and find out what they really want, without doing a little soul searching. Traveling across the world will undoubtedly show you new cultures and civilizations. But, doing so in your own time, and with no one else is a truly liberating dive down the tunnel of humanity. No one is there to hold your hand, and there is no other way to make the travels more exciting than coming out of your shell and being more open and willing to express yourself.

soul searching trips

To the top of the world

Men and women from around the globe have chosen to go to the highest peaks and mountains, to give himself the mother of all challenges and to see what they’re made of. This challenge is nowhere more exhilarating than climbing Mount Everest. Since the early expeditions are truly things of the past that are now shown in museums, the advancement of trails and routes up the mountain have evolved substantially. Nowadays, there are professional travel companies that employ local pathfinders that know the mountain like the back of their hand. Not only that, but you’ll also be experiencing it in large groups. Everyone works together and gets to know each other a little more before you set off, and international health and safety guidelines are to be adhered to.

Before you can receive the all clear, you will be given a proper health check so you’re not suffering from any conditions that will impede your ability to enjoy the trek. Of course, you will be supplied with world class oxygen tanks, marks, winter wear items like jackets, gloves, boots, eye goggles, headwear and thermal blankets are part of the sleeping regime. This is one of the best options to travel alone, as essentially, although you’re not with your friends, you are surrounded by other like-minded human beings are looking for adventure in their life. As the old saying goes, safety in numbers. This couldn’t be more true, as although the journey can be precarious, the biggest dangers that revolve around the cold, chill and hypothermia have all been taken care of, as the modern equipment shields you from the extremes.

For the linear holiday lover

Many people find that travelling to places that have been acknowledged around the world are better bets. Not only will you be somewhat familiar with them, and so, not totally overtaken by the culture shock, but you have the ability to reach out to other people who might have come from your country, for help. These hotspot nations are great for travelling alone, as there is a lot of information that is tried and tested, ready for foreigners to digest. Booking singles holidays can be done easily online. There is a plethora of information about the actual trip itself, with everything from hotels, length of days, hotels available, and guided tours that will be ready for you.

Just one of these great holiday options is Sicily, which is also referred to like the hotter, more mountainous sister of Northern Italy. You’ll be visiting the capital city Palermo, where you can try local food and see the magnificent and historically important architecture. Together with other like-minded people, you can experience these very apt and knowledgeable tours with the local expert guides. You have access to a full audio guide if you wish, which can explain things in detail, at your own pace. The theatre, music and literature of the country will be at your fingertips as the experts inform you about the long and proud history of the island. You may also go on excursions by yourself if you’re the type to explore new lands with nothing but your confidence to aid you.

Local countryside bike tours

No matter where you live, many countries around the world offer bicycle trip around the countrysides of their respective nations. These tours will generally be a few days and possibly up to a couple of weeks. You can find many of them online, with the routes finely explained and the stopping points given clear reasons as to their importance. You will be in a group of strangers who will be in the exact same circumstances as you are, which gives you the opportunity to make new friends.

As with many tours that involve getting to know yourself, you will be riding in the open fresh air, with country lanes to be your solid companion. The best times for these holidays is during the summer or spring, as many companies don’t operate under wet and frozen conditions due to safety concerns and liability claims. However these kinds of tours are everywhere, and by searching online, you can find the type of mood and tone you’re looking for, as well as choosing the exact amount of days you want to be away from your normal everyday life.

Leaving behind the boredom to travel on your lonesome might just be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Of course, you won’t essentially be on your own, as other people just like you will be searching for something within themselves alongside you. The joy of these holidays is that there is no pressure of family and friends, and you’re putting yourself out there, being more open to new cultures, meeting new people, and enjoying the thrill of nobody being there to babysit you. You stand a chance of becoming a new person by coming out of your shell.

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