Outdoor Activity Ideas For Your Next Vacation

Outdoor Activity Ideas

Deciding to vacation is the easy part, it’s picking where to go that takes time and effort. Anyone who loves being outside, will embrace the thought of taking a trip where you’re spending most of your time outdoors.

Consider who you’re going with and for how many days as you begin planning. Research your options and come up with a short list that you and your travel companions can choose from. There are a lot of different ways you can go, so be sure to take into consideration all of the possibilities that are out there. See outdoor activity ideas for your next vacation.

Explore A National Park

One idea is to travel to a national park and take advantage of all the hotels, dining and outdoor activities they have to offer. Try someplace new like Bryce Canyon. The list of things to do at this park is incredibly long. From leisurely activities to intense and physically demanding ones, there is guaranteed to be an option you’ll enjoy. Since there are so many choices, it’s important to get an idea of what you’ll like to do before heading out on your trip.

Cabin & Boating

Book a cabin in the woods that’s on a body of water and spend time relaxing and enjoying the wilderness. Rent or bring a boat and spend the day tubing and cruising around the water. After a long day of boating, relax in the backyard or take a nap in the hammock that’s hanging between the trees. It’ll feel good to be outside and being around nature will help you quickly relax and feel refreshed. There are lots of additional activities to do at a cabin as well. Go for a hike or bike ride if you get sick of boating.

Outdoor Activity Ideas


Rent a campsite and go camping with friends or family for an extended period of time. You’ll have plenty of time to go for walks, read or help prepare meals for the group. Camping requires you to be outside day in and day out, so you’ll feel right at home if you’re someone who loves the outdoors. Spend the evenings under the stars chatting with each other around a campfire. Roast marshmallows and reflect on the day and decide what activities you want to tackle tomorrow.


Spend a long weekend at a water park and reserve a hotel for sleeping. This way you and the kids will be able to spend several days riding the slides and soaking up the sun. Typically, there are different levels of slides and rides, so there’ll be an activity for everyone who’s there. You’ll get plenty of time in the water, and you can relax on a lawn chair and catch a tan if you need a break away from the loud and crazy kids.


Consider planning your next trip someplace outdoors for a new experience. Being around nature will instantly relax you, and you won’t want to leave. These are outdoor activity ideas for your next vacation.

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  1. Hi, Zascha! What a great article! You did a great job at motivating and bringing an inspiration for a good and quality time outdoors. Truth is there are so many activities that can make an outdoors experience beautiful and anyone can fall in love with spending time in nature if just give it a try. I was wondering, what do you think is most important when planning trips and activities like these?

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