Top 4 Exciting and Must-Try Things to Do in Peru

Going from one place to another and discovering something new is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You get the opportunity to see the other side of the world and that is truly amazing! If you are lucky enough to have this chance, grab it right away. And one of the best destinations to visit is a unique and magnificent country, like Peru. 


Probably a less traveled and cheaper travel destination in South America, Peru has a lot of things to offer to visitors of all ages. There is more to this fascinating country than its world-renowned Machu Picchu, which is a now included in the new Seven Wonders of the World. You will definitely enjoy spending your vacation here with your loved ones, for there are awe-inspiring tourist spots and awesome things to try out.  

So, here are some of the exciting things you must do when in Peru: 

Visiting the famous Machu Picchu

Traveling to Peru won’t be complete without seeing the Machu Picchu. It could already be an overrated attraction in the country, but it is still worth it. Visiting this spot is highly recommended as you learn the history and tales of the lost city. Just walk towards the Inca Bridge, where you can see the stunning mountains and canon ridge, and savor the moment. The view will truly take your breath away! 

Explore the Amazon Rainforest

Another thing not to miss while in Peru is exploring the Amazon Rainforest. This one is said to be the second largest Amazon Rainforest next to Brazil. It covers more than half of the country, creating a diverse and extraordinary ecosystem. If you are a nature lover, you will absolutely appreciate this place. There are plenty of animals and plants to see around the rainforest, which is also why it is a perfect place to relax and be one with nature. 

Hiking at Colca Canyon

The breathtaking beauty of Colca Canyon is irresistible. Whether you like hiking or not, seeing the Colca Canyon will remind you how blessed you are to witness its unique beauty. Apparently, it is twice as deep as United States’ Grand Canyon. It is really something you need to include in your itinerary once you visit Peru. More so, the rare Andean Condor, a big bird with the largest wingspan among the land birds, can be found here. 

Sightseeing in Lima

Never leave Peru without strolling around its capital city, Lima. It is the biggest metropolitan city in the country that is rich in culture and history. You will get to see a lot of interesting museums, galleries, cathedrals, and catacombs while exploring it. Also, make sure to taste its traditional Peruvian cuisine and shop until you drop! 

Make sure not to miss out on these things when you are in Peru. Traveling here with your family or friends can be a lot fun and memorable as there are great activities to try. Make the most out of your vacation and spend some quality time with the people you love the most. Surely, Peru is a unique place to bond with them and create happy memories.

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