Guest Post: Natural Attractions in Croatia You Must See

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natural attractions in croatia

Croatia is a small country located in the Balkan region between Central and Southeast Europe and Mediterranean countries. It has one of the most beautiful island archipelagos in the region with more than 1200 islands in the Adriatic Sea. The culture and tradition vary depending on the regions, but the two main regions are coastal and continental. Croatia offers many activities and attractions, especially in the summer season. The country is full of natural attractions like national parks, unique islands, beautiful beaches and forests. If you love to explore the beauty of nature, then Croatia has a lot to offer and you will simply enjoy it!

Here are the most beautiful natural attractions together with some top holiday advice you simply don’t want to miss in Croatia.

#1 Plitvice Lakes National Park

The largest in Croatia and oldest in the region, Plitvice Lakes is the place you simply want to visit. It’s located near the capital and it’s easily reachable by car, bus or train. The entry ticket is around $20, but it may vary on the season. You can enjoy many connected lakes, stunning waterfalls, rocky-mountains and amazing landscape. The park consists of 16 lakes that are separated in upper and lower part. That is a half-day long trip, but if you have a limited time you can explore the upper lakes only. The upper lakes offer you fantastic views of the largest lake and it takes around three hours to see everything. If you go to lower lakes, you will see an amazing waterfall called Veliki Slap (Big Waterfall) which is the tallest waterfall in Croatia. The walking trail is perfect for exploring the nature by walk. The only downside is that the swimming is forbidden in the whole park.

#2 National Park Krka

Krka National Park is located in the heart of Dalmatia region. If you plan to spend a few days on the Adriatic coast, then a one-day trip to Krka is a way to go. The park area is huge and with 110 square kilometres is one of the largest natural attraction in Croatia. The park is completely located along the Krka river. There are many things to see and do in the national park and the most interesting ones are exploring the park by walking, boat rides, rafting, eating traditional food and visiting museums. The most interesting part of Krka National Park is definitely Skradinski Buk. It’s a small portion of the park that is filled with 17 waterfalls that differ in size and the last waterfall is around 50 meters tall. If you’re looking for a relaxing exploration of natural beauty, the best way is to hop on an excursion boat and pass through Roški Slap. Also, the small island with monastery can be found on the way along Krka River.

#3 Kornati National Park

Kornati is the name of the densest island archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s located between two historic cities of Zadar and Šibenik. The archipelago is 35 kilometres long and consists 140 islands that differ in size. The islands are uninhabited, but the boat cruise offers astonishing views of empty rocky islands. Shelters for the fishermen can be found on some islands and today, these shelters serve as restaurants offering traditional seafood. The most convenient way to explore the archipelago is by taking a boat tour from the coastal cities. The tour is often predicted as a whole-day trip and prices vary depending on the season. If you’re passionate about photography, be ready to take stunning pictures of the islands and sunset.

#4 Zagorje

The region of Zagorje is located in the northern part of Croatia. It offers people with diverse landscape mainly covered in hills. Population in that region are mostly into agriculture and farming, so be ready to see great-looking vineyards on the hills at every turn. There are many hills and mountains with trails which is ideal for hiking and the most popular ones are Ravna Gora and Ivanščica. Once you get to the top of these two, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views over the region. If you’re a history lover, Zagorje offers many fortresses and castles. We advise you to check Veliki Tabor and Trakoščan. The latter one has a beautiful lake around and hiking trails through the forest.

#5 National Park Mljet

National Park Mljet is located on the same named island that is the southernmost island on the Adriatic Sea. Only the northwest part of the island is a national park that has two salt lakes in the middle. The lakes are 4 kilometers long surrounded with the dense forest which is perfect for taking a hike in nature. The hiking trails lead to the hills that are 200 meters high so that you can enjoy stunning views over the island, especially during the sunset. There are many activities you can take part in, such as kayaking, bicycling and swimming. The water is amazingly warm, so if you plan to visit the island off-the-season, the water remains warmer than the rest of Adriatic Sea.

#6 Brijuni National Park

This popular national park consists of an archipelago in the Istrian coast. It’s easily reachable from the city of Fažana by a ferry ride that doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. The islands are almost untouched nature full of parks, forests, hiking trails and beautiful landscape. If you’re a nature lover, you will simply fall in love with this national park. The biggest island in the archipelago called Veli Brijun was the home of Yugoslavian president Tito who had a villa on the island. He used to accommodate leaders around the world in the isle and he got many animals as the presents from different countries. The animal safari is built on the island along with the golf course. There are plenty things to do and nature to explore.

Have you ever been to Croatia and what’s your recommendation on must-see natural attractions there?

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  1. Hans Swartz

    I’ve been to Croatia quite a few times now and I never get bored of it. It has a beauty and atmosphere like no other.
    National Park Mljet is probably my favourite place!

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