Let These Photos Inspire You to Visit the Scottish Highlands

The other week I decided to confess that the Scottish Highlands is my favorite place in the world. It was quite a big statement to make, because how do you choose a favorite place, when you see so much beauty all the time? I’ve loved every country I’ve been to in their own way, but it’s impossible to compare a European country to an Asian country for example. So therefore I’ve been unable to answer people’s questions, when they ask me which country I prefer. 
But now I’ve done it. It’s out there and I don’t care. Scotland – especially the Highland – you are absolutely gorgeous and I love you!

So, I wanted to share some photos with you guys from my recent trip there and hopefully I can inspire you to visit the Scottish Highlands as well. 

visit the Scottish Highlands

This is the beautiful Dunnottar Castle on the outskirts of Stonehaven. It has the prettiest of views! And lovely walking trails along the coast, too.

Be sure to visit Aonach Mor. It’s the 8th highest mountain in Britain and it’s perfect for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. This was my second time there and both times the weather has been a bit questionable …

The clouds coming in over the mountain of Aonach Mor.

The beautiful morning colours in the small village of Fort Augustus. This village (with a population of approx. 700) is my favorite village – the best kept secret on Loch Ness!

One of the things I love about Fort Augustus is the mountain backgrounds.

On a hiking trail near Fort Augustus. It doesn’t matter if you get lost here – the scenery is so stunning that you don’t want the trail to end.

Mountain views.

Loch Ness is right in your face when you visit Fort Augustus – isn’t it beautiful? And I’m pretty sure I saw Nessie. Don’t tell me she doesn’t exist …

It’s pretty obvious why I love Fort Augustus, isn’t it? It truly is the best kept secret on Loch Ness. These are the gorgeous morning colours over the most famous Loch in Scotland.

The drive to Fort Augustus certainly isn’t boring. You will have views like this the entire way there from Edinburgh.

More gorgeous views on the way to the Highlands from Edinburgh.

This is a part of The Great Glen Way. It’s 79 miles long (127 km) and I’ll be hiking the trail in the summer of 2018 with my brother.

Have you been inspired to visit the Scottish Highlands? Or have you already been there and know all about its insane beauty? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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