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Some Travel Tips When Going To New York

There’s always something going on in New York, and people are always in a hurry to get to the next big “thing”. If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple, one of your wisest choices will be to avoid making an outing during the holidays. However, if you do, here are some travel tips to help you navigate the crowded waters.

This guide isn’t aimed at helping you narrow down your sightseeing list since you’ve probably got that segment pretty much covered. But it’s worth mentioning that, while New York is always in some film, TV show, song, or commercial, it also has a great number of worthwhile locations that you won’t find out about except through a seasoned resident or tour guide.

This is the area this article is meant to guide you. Whenever you find yourself in a new city, don’t be tempted to DIY the tour; you’ll only spend time glued to your GPS trying to navigate through the unknown streets. Hire a great tour guide and your eyes will be glued to the amazing trademarks of a city you’re visiting.

When sourcing the best bus tour company in New York you want to settle on the one that offers a comprehensive tour. Take Brooklyn, for example, which has become the hippest borough in the city. You want a Brooklyn tour where you’ll see many highlights of the borough like: the Brooklyn Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge, The Barclays Center, Grand Army Plaza, the Brooklyn Museum, and more.

New Yorkers Walk Fast

Don’t worry about being sedentary on a bus tour. They usually work like this: you’ll meet with your tour group in the lobby, the bus will arrive, you’ll take your seats and head to the first location. During the drive, either your driver or a specific tour guide will give a presentation. When you arrive, this individual will usually walk you where you want to go.

Remember, in New York many people don’t own cars. They’ll spend their entire lives on foot or bicycle, renting out moving trucks etc. for apartment and home transitions. As a result, when New Yorkers go somewhere, they really go somewhere. You won’t see them running around so often—adults must rush in a “dignified” way.

You will see everybody power-walking everywhere, and your tour guide may help you get into the rhythm of the city by walking equally as fast. There are a lot of really worthwhile destinations that aren’t possible to get to by a bus, which tour guides know about, and can show you. But getting there requires speed, so be ready and bring water!

Greenwich And Beyond

Take The Village, for instance. Greenwich Village is sort of a beatnik haven, a home for hipsters, and an artistic utopia—or dystopia; depending on how much you pay for how little an apartment. This area has fine dining, and some exceptional art. From off-Broadway productions to comedy, punk rock, experimental music, and more, there’s always something going on in the Village.

But if you’re in the Village and don’t know where to go, you’re definitely going to miss some things. Some of the best shows are located in sweaty little coffee houses that look like nothing on the outside, and don’t properly advertise. Your tour guide can get you there, and also get you to more well-known destinations.

The Empire State Building is a popular attraction and relatively easy to see. Professional, courteous, and friendly bus tour guides can help you get there at the right time. Of course, it will all depend on the kind of tour you take, and when. One thing you want to do for sure is find a tour company which can get you where you want to be.

One thought on “Bus Tours Are Convenient, All-Inclusive, And Fun

  1. Hi Zascha,

    Timely post, as I just power walked from a house sit in East Harlem to a house sit on Central Park West – or by it – here in lovely NYC.

    We see those bus tours all the time. Lovely way to see the City.

    I am a NJ native so have been here hundreds and time over my life and also land house sits frequently, so I have seen all those sweet tourist sites many times, all on foot.

    The locals or NJ-ites who are pretty close to being local usually do the foot and subway thing but I suggest all tourists – especially first timers – take a bus tour. See much of the city, save time and do so from a sensational vantage point, 1-2 bus stories above Manhattan.

    Thanks for sharing Zascha.

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