Active Scottish Holiday – A Trip to Dunnottar Castle

active Scottish holiday

At the end of August I finally returned to the beautiful Scotland. I was there in the Fall of 2015 and I was longing to go back there. I’ve said many times that I do not have a favourite country as it is impossible to choose just one. But I might actually take that back now, because I do have a love for Scotland that I can’t quite explain. I’m happy when I’m there. I feel content and at ease. It’s a country that I would happily return to time and time again despite there being so many other countries to choose from. ┬áSo there, I said it. Scotland is my favourite country.

And this time around I got to visit a different place in Scotland besides the Highlands and Edinburgh. I ended up in Aberdeen. Well, to be perfectly honest with you I didn’t think much about the city. I found it quite dull and I had very little interest in exploring it further. Instead I ventured off to Stonehaven just 16 miles from Aberdeen and I’m glad I did. Because it was stunning.

active Scottish holiday

This was an active holiday. So active that I managed to lose 3 kg while I was away, but that’s a story for another day. So Stonehaven was the perfect place to explore and for adding more steps to my pedometer, because in Stonehaven you’ll find the Dunnottar Castle, which is a ruined Castle that lies on the edge of the North Sea. When the sun shines on it, it looks so beautiful – straight out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.
In the fortress you’ll be able to explore important history about the once most powerful family in Scotland. Dunnottar is an important part of Scottish history and it’s difficult not to be completely fascinated by it all.

But let me tell you this: you won’t need to go to the gym after you’ve been here. It’s a bit of a climb getting to and from the castle, so make sure you have proper footwear (lesson learned, Zascha!).
There are lots of steep and slippery steps that you need to conquer during your visit to Dunnottar Castle, but I guarantee you that it is all worth it. You’ll be able to witness some spectacular views and watch the incredible sea – if you’re lucky, you might even spot some seals!

When you’re done exploring the ruins you can add to your active Scottish holiday by taking a (long or short) walk near the Castle along the coast. I still can’t believe how fantastic the weather was that day, so I was definitely enjoying it fully. There’s just something about standing in Scotland, on the coast, listening to a tartan dressed man playing the bagpipe and looking at a beautifully ruined Castle. It makes you think that their saying “where legends come to life” makes perfect sense. Even just for a little while.

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