Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review – Luxury in Pécs

I think it was love at first sight when I arrived in Pécs, Hungary. I had been to Budapest for four days and I loved it, but I was also intrigued to see more of Hungary. I had been recommended to go to Pécs and I’m glad I went there. It was absolutely worth it! And to make it even better: I stayed in the most amazing apartment in a wellness hotel. The Sunflower Wellness House and Pension, but in Hungarian it’s called Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió.

Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review 

Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review

The apartment:

I was amazed when I saw the apartment. It was so beautifully decorated with such an eye for details that I felt very lucky that I was going to spend the next three days there. I instantly felt like home and I thoroughly enjoyed the outside seating area as well. You could easily tell that everything about this place had been carefully and thoughtfully planned out. 
I’ve said before that I love hotels and other types of accommodation where you can clearly see that they take pride in their work. Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió is one of those places.

I had a small seating area which was perfect for when I needed to get work done. 
The kitchen area was well stocked with utensils I needed for cooking my own meals and the sleeping area had such an amazing double bed. I wish I’d been able to spent more time there, but Pécs had so much to offer. 

The modern bathroom was spacious and had a nice warm shower, hairdryer, soaps and towels. I definitely didn’t need anything. 

Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review

The staff:

On the day that I arrived I was greeted by such a nice girl, who was happy to see me. I arrived much earlier than expected, but this was not an issue. 
She showed me around the various wellness facilities and even made time to sit down and talk to me in the reception afterwards. We had a good talk about Hungary, life and so on. She offered me great tips on what to see and do while I was in Pécs. It was a great first impression and we all know how important those are! 
The rest of the staff were flawless as well and I encourage them to keep up the amazing work. The place is worth visiting just for them.

Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review

The WiFi:

I struggled a bit with the WiFi at times in the apartment, but it was dependent on where I was sitting. The signal was a bit temperamental. However, in the hotel itself it worked brilliantly both in the dining room, the reception, the gym and so on, so I’ve got no complaints there.

Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review

The wellness facilities:

Oh my God, I loved the wellness facilities at Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió! The facilities consisted of a gym with various of equipment, a Jacuzzi, a massage chair (and I believe that you can book a proper massage at certain times), a sauna and a solarium. I tested out various wellness facilities and I was impressed. You can easily spend several days just taking advantage of the wellness part of the hotel. It was all well kept and looked after. 

The breakfast:

I had a lovely breakfast every morning during my stay at Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió. The table was already set for me when I arrived in the dining room and there was an amazing breakfast buffet to choose from. And I’m a lover of buffets as it gives me the freedom to pick and choose my food – great for a fussy eater like me! 


Would I stay here again?

Yes! I would. No question about it. It’s the one and only place you should go for when you visit Pécs. It’s a 10 minute walk from the city centre and super market. You’re never too far from anywhere and we all know how much location matters when it comes to accommodation on our holidays. 
This place was incredible and was so much better than I could have expected. 

Website: Click here

Address: Pécs, József Attila u. 9, 7623 Hungary 

Phone: +36 72 510 796

Do you have a Napraforgó Wellness Ház és Panzió Review you want to share? Or have you been inspired to stay here? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

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