My First Airbnb Experience Was Not A Success

Confession time: yesterday I had my very first Airbnb experience! I know. Shock! Horror! How far behind can a person be? It’s 2017, Zascha. Well, I mainly use Agoda because that’s where I’m able to find the best deals, but lately I’ve felt the need to rent apartments instead of the usual hostels and hotels. I make more money now, so I don’t have to stay in cheap hostels if I don’t want to. And I love hotels but I wanted to stay somewhere with a kitchen, so I could prepare my own meals (which has been a disaster as well!) and with a lot of space to be myself (and the ability to dance in front of the mirror…).

So, I decided to finally check out Airbnb and oh my God, it has been so stressful. Well, maybe not stressful as such but it hasn’t been the most smooth experience I’ve ever had. 
Here’s the thing: my life is online. As a blogger and a freelancer I rely on a good WiFi connection – I cannot afford to be disconnected, plus I don’t want to be disconnected. I’m sure a WiFi detox is good for you, but no thanks, I need my fix.
So imagine my frustrations when I check into this apartment and the WiFi isn’t working. This wouldn’t be so terrible for some people, but when you’ve got work to do it’s kind of a disaster. It took 17 hours before the problem was fixed. I tried not to cry during this terrible disaster…

first airbnb experience

Not only that, I couldn’t lock the front door. I tried everything to the point where I was worried that I would break the door handle, but it just wasn’t happening. So, I’ve been living on the edge with the door unlocked – want me to tell you the address so you can come and rob me? Just kidding, I’ve got nothing worth stealing. 

And my last complaint has been the lack of air conditioning or a good old fashioned fan. 
It is so hot here in Hungary at the moment. When I step outside I instantly start sweating. Sexy, right? So imagine what it feels like inside. I’ve had all of the windows open as wide as possible constantly and the breeze is quite nice at night. But since my life is always such a hassle there was a downside to this solution: the noise from the street. 
Last night I was seconds away from going all ‘cranky old lady’ and shouting out of the window to get people to shut the F up. I managed to control myself but I have had very little sleep, so today I’ve been walking around like a zombie. Not a good time.

Fruity King

So yeah, as you can see I have a lot of first world problems, but don’t worry, I’m not one to hold a grudge, so of course I will use Airbnb again. Who needs WiFi, security and sleep anyway?

Check out my video below to see how the world was falling on my shoulders yesterday – and so that you know that this post should not be taken too seriously. 

How was your first Airbnb experience? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

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