Getting A Taste Of New World History In America

There is absolutely no doubt that the US is worth more than one visit. One of the big reasons for that is that there are few places in the world with quite as much to offer in terms of a rich history. The country has people from hundreds of corners of the world, of varying societies, coming together whether peacefully or not. It’s a tapestry that has played out throughout the years and still plays out in some of the destinations we’re going to look at now.

A look at the melting pot

That’s what they call modern America. A melting pot. Ideas, traditions, identities come together and there are few places that is as crystal clear as in Boston. Nowhere else in America becomes quite as vehemently Irish as Boston during the St. Patrick’s Day parades. But it’s impossible to ignore the deep impact of African American culture in places like Blue Hill Avenue, where some of the best soul food and Caribbean restaurants can be found.  Boston also spots one of the lesser known stages of the battle America’s independence in Copp’s Hill, where the British stationed and where the marks of bullets fired still rest in some of the tombstones.

The long struggle of the south

Whether it’s in conflicts with Mexico, as a key stage in the War of Independence, or for its role in the Civil War, you can ignore the historical richness of the south. In particular, one spot that any hot-blooded American (or history enthusiast) must stop is the Alamo. But it’s not all there is to see in the area. Check out San Antonio on The Crazy Tourist and you’ll see some of the best-preserved Missions still standing. Places like The History Shop carry all kinds of relics, including old maps, military wear, and even antique firearms.

The turning point of the country

The American Civil War was perhaps one of the biggest events in the nation’s history and should not be ignored. The glory, the strife, and the heartache of the country-wide conflict are best remembered at Gettysburg, where annual reenactments can take you right back to the past with the actors.

The most celebrated and natural beauty

The US is also known worldwide for some of the most expansive and gorgeous natural landscapes in the world. They’re a point of pride and fiercely protected. You can see that from the gorgeous condition of perhaps the earliest protected of them all, Yosemite.

The first peoples

You can’t talk about American history without talking about the history of the peoples of America long before the state or even the colonies were instituted. One of the best places to see that is at Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico. A huge construction, it stands to the monument of the Puebloan peoples and the Chacoan culture. Just one of the cultures that perhaps doesn’t get as much reverence in the scope of history as it should.

If you’re a history buff, then the mystifying birth and struggle of the world’s modern superpower can’t be ignored. If you just like a trip to some gorgeous places, then the destinations above have you covered, too.

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