I’m Sorry, I Have Lied to All of You

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this blog post. It’s been keeping me up at night, but I knew that now was the right time. I have to come clean with all of you. I need to apologise to you all and start telling the truth.

The truth is … I’m a fraud. I’m a liar. I’m a fake. For the past 9+ months I’ve made  you all believe that I’ve been backpacking Italy and Asia. Well, the truth is: this has never happened. I never left Denmark. I’ve been living in my old room in my mum’s house all this time. I never went on a plane. I never saw all of those things I claimed to have seen. I never had any of those experiences.

Some years ago I saw someone who photo shopped herself into other people’s photos and made her friends and family believe she was abroad. I decided to do the same so I would get lots of readers and followers. I saw it as a great way to make some money without having to leave my bed. All of the other photos are ones I’ve stolen off Instagram. 

world traveler

Nothing I’ve told you over the past couple of years has been true. The only truth is that According to Zascha is a scam. I apologise to every single one of you.

Hahaha, sorry, guys! I’ve been waiting for months to be able to write this post. Don’t worry, According to Zascha is 100% real and I shall be laughing at this all day as I’m sipping drinks in Borneo, Malaysia. Also, I have no idea how to use Photo Shop 😀 

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