Winter Sun – No Thanks, I’ll Visit One Of These Dreamy Winter Wonderlands

During the winter, quite a few people jet off in search of winter sun. That is probably why tropical destinations such as Spain, Hawaii, and Mauritius are so popular between December and January. But why go after all this sun when you can enjoy it in summer? Now is the time to seek out some of the world’s best winter wonderlands and see what remarkable things they have to offer! Not sure which winter wonderlands should be at the top of your list to visit? Here are some fantastic locations.

Winter Wonderland

Colorado, United States

Obviously, one of the most enticing reasons to visit a winter wonderland is to enjoy the snow and go skiing! And one of the best American states for skiing in is Colorado. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned skier, you will be able to show off your skiing skills out on the slopes on the Rocky Mountains. The landscape will be truly breathtaking, and you will have plenty of opportunities to take some awesome holiday snaps! Not only that, but your accommodation will be extremely cozy. You can check out Snowmass condos to see what all the fuss is about!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Have you heard all about ‘hygge’? It is the latest craze to sweep the globe, and it can be traced back to Denmark. This Danish word refers to the Dane’s lifestyle, which is extremely cozy and content. There is nothing more hygge than getting comfy in a cute cafe with a large hot chocolate and reading your favorite book. And there is no better city in which to experience hygge than the country’s capital, Copenhagen!

Shirakawa, Japan

If you love snow, you will love the village of Shirakawa in Japan. This village experiences some of the highest levels of snowfall on the planet! For that reason, all of the cute houses have been build in the Minka architecture style. The pointed thatched roofs have been designed this way to prevent them from falling in after a particularly heavy snowfall. This architecture style is so distinctive that the village is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Milan, Italy

Milan may not get especially cold during the winter, but that doesn’t mean it is an extra special place at this time of year. In fact, Milan’s culture comes to life in the winter, which gives the city a very sophisticated and magical atmosphere. The Nutcracker ballet is always performed every year at the city’s famous opera house. Watching one of these famous shows is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit! Galleries also have special exhibition on at this time of year, and the restaurants are always busy as locals and tourists celebrate this special time of year. Make sure you book your tables well in advance!

So, who needs winter sun when you could visit one of the above amazing places instead? You may love your winter trip so much that you might skip next year’s usual summer vacation so you can afford another winter wonderland next Christmas!

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