Looking For an Active Vacation? These Places Are Perfect To Explore!

Spending a week or two laying on a beach is fantastic, but it’s not for everyone. If you prefer exploring and staying active while you’re away, chances are a different type of destination will appeal. If so, here are a few you could consider for your next vacation!

Rome, Italy

If you want a vacation that’s brimming with history and culture and plenty of places to explore then you won’t be disappointed with Rome. This Italian capital city is a place of contrasts, from ancient ruins to impressive modern architecture. You can take a walk around the numerous galleries and museums, climb the Spanish Steps and visit the Colosseum. Rome is definitely best explored on foot, and so there’s a lot of walking around, but if this is the kind of break you’re after it will be perfect for you.

Hong Kong, China

Traffic jams, pollution and tiny apartments costing insane prices means Hong Kong might not necessarily be the kind of place you’d want to live. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome place to visit. The vibrant and bustling city is absolutely packed with action, the culture is much different from the West, so it’s fascinating to submerge yourself in it and learn more. You can visit monasteries and museums, climb Victoria Peak or even visit Hong Kong Disneyland. You certainly won’t be short of things to do.

Texas, US

You can complete the San Antonio Riverwalk, stopping at shops, restaurants, markets and museums along the way. You can spend the day discovering fascinating artefacts and learning about space at the Nasa Space Center. You could spend a few days in Big Bend National Park where you could go horseback riding and bird watching. Hike the trails, go on a bike tour and camp in the evening. Or visit Davis Mountains State Park, and go hiking in the Davis Mountains. While there are of course gorgeous beaches in Texas, there’s so much more to do in this massive state. If you’re after an active vacation, it’s a fabulous one to explore.

Alberta, Canada

Alberta in Canada is home to some of the world’s most epic scenery and is perfect for those who like to get out there and see the sights. You take to explore the four incredible National Parks, view lakes, mountains, glaciers, and ice fields. If you love nature and wildlife, this is a destination that you will most definitely want to add to your bucket list.
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The Outback, Australia

It might be remote and treacherous, but that doesn’t mean the Australian Outback isn’t a fascinating place to visit. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’re an active person who can deal with the heat and difficult travel conditions, then it makes for an unforgettable experience. You can go on camel treks, go on tours or safaris to see some of Australia’s wildlife. Many of these are creatures that simply aren’t found at all elsewhere in the world.

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