Going Back To Basics Will Lead To The Best Vacation Of Your Life


Before we think about the advantages of going back to basics for your next vacation, let’s think about what it means. Well, you can kiss goodbye to your luxury hotel. Instead, you’ll be camping out in the wilderness, perhaps under the stars if it’s a warm night. Are you addicted to the internet and do you struggle to live without your WiFi? You won’t have them on this vaycay because, in the middle of nowhere, you’ll have no signal. As for food, you can stop off in the occasional restaurant that you travel past. But if you really want to take your vacay to the next level, you could live off the land. Now that I’ve thoroughly scared you let’s look at some of the awesome advantages of this type of vacation.

No Crowds, No Queues, No Stress


We often head out on vacation because we want to diminish the stress building up in our life. You want to relax on a warm beach, soaking up the sun, escaping the pressures of typical daily life. But as it turns out, that’s usually not what the average vacation involves at all. Instead, you’ll be rushing to get from one destination to another. You’ll be queuing up for popular activities, and you’ll be surrounded by high volumes of people. If you’re not careful, your vacation could be same old, same old. That’s not true if you go back to basics. You’ll be out in the wilderness, and research shows that people who live in the country experience lower levels of stress than urban folk. It’s time to benefit from their experiences and get back in touch nature. Speaking of nature….

Catch A Glimpse Of Wild Deer Or Even Bears


Okay, this might but some people off but if you love nature, once in your life you need to get out there and see it. Stop switching on the discovery channel after work and start planning a vacation to discover the animals of the world. When you’re out in the wilderness, animals won’t shy away from you. They’ll continue to live their natural lives and you can observe them from a distance. They don’t think they have anything to fear because many won’t have ever encountered a human before. This give you a real shot at seeing incredible wildlife a few meters from your campsite. It’s nothing like visiting a zoo, that’s for sure.

Learn New Skills


The thing about vacationing in the forests is that you have to be resourceful. If you get peckish, you can’t just call up a pizza delivery service or head to the nearest hotel. There might not be a place to eat for miles. Instead, you’ll have to learn new skills that will allow you to survive. If you’re interested in this idea, you should certainly look at a prepper forum before you travel. They’ll tell you some of the skills you might need before you journey into the outdoors.

Stare Up At A Starlit Sky


Not many people know this, but in most cities, you’re not getting the true perception of a night sky. Instead, you can see reflections of the city lights or perhaps the sky is covered by pollution. If you head out into the wilderness, you will see the night sky in all it’s glory for the first time. This phenomenon is truly amazing and reason enough alone to forget about hotels, just this once.  


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