Why Having A Great Travel Experience Doesn’t Have To Mean Breaking The Bank

Travelling and taking a break is a luxury that everyone should be able to experience in their life. It shouldn’t be the sole domain of those with plenty of money to burn. Nor is it. So long as you’re able to plan smartly for the travels ahead, you can have a great holiday without going totally broke. Below, we’ll look at a few of the key tips you need to do just that.

Great Travel Experience

The value of your money

One of the earliest ways to get caught out with less money than you would like comes down to the money that you take with you. If you’re getting money exchanged from one currency to another, it can end up taking a big chunk out of your holiday money. So what are you to do? The trick is to find the place that offers the best deals on currency exchange. Sites that can help you source the exactly where you should change your currency.

Your transport

Then you need to look at how you’re going to get there. The first thought is always to get a flight, but there are plenty of times where this isn’t the cheapest method at all. Consider car, boat or train and check the prices. At the same time, don’t assume the opposite, either. It won’t always be cheaper to take a car than a plane. There are sites like Skyscanner that can help you find out for sure. Put in the details you need and source the cheapest flight for yourself.


Providing your own luxury

If you really want to save money, then you’re going to need to look just as hard at your accommodation bookings. For example, hotel food is very rarely worth as much as it costs. You’re paying for the convenience, but you can have a better tasting (and cheaper) meal if you go the route of self-catering. Similarly, you can forego the expensive costs of a hotel altogether if you’re willing to stay in a hostel. It doesn’t have to be a dismal experience, either. Opt for a quieter, smaller hostel instead of larger ones, which tend to attract parties.

Do your research on shopping

Before you go out and take advantage of some local retail therapy, do your research. First, find out how much everything tends to cost in your destination. Not just the things you purchase, but services like transport and meals. Finding this out allows you to prepare a lot in advance. Then take the time to source deals in your area. Find local sources for places like Conad stores. Limit yourself to places that are on sale. You can still come back with some fantastic merch, but you won’t burn all the way through your savings for it.

I hope that the points above help you spot the ways you can make a great experience a lot cheaper. Sometimes, you may need to sacrifice a bit of pampering, but to get that sense of adventure, we think it’s well worth it.

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