Backpacking In South America: How To Cut Costs!


South America is one of the top places to backpack as there is so much to see and do. Columbia, Peru, and Argentina are all amazing places you will want to visit. However, if you are on a tight budget, you will need some advice on keeping your trip cheap. Here are some ways you can cut costs while backpacking in South America.

Book bus transport online

One of the top ways to cut costs while backpacking in South America is to use the bus services. It’s the cheapest way to travel across the continent. To cut costs, you should look online to see if you can get any cheap deals on the tickets. You may want to go for a bus that takes longer, so it’s a cheaper deal. You can always make stops on the way and explore the fantastic new areas. Be prepared for the busses; you do not know what you will find on there. As discussed here, it’s not unusual to see the odd farm animal on the bus!


Consider going self-catering

Another way to cut costs while backpacking in South America is to look into going self- catering. You can use sites such as Airbnb to find places to stay while on a budget. It might be a room in someone’s house, but it’s bound to be cheaper than a hotel! Make sure you check the reviews first. You may want to find a hostel to stay in; you will find other travelers in there, and it’s cheaper than a hotel. Here is a guide to where you can stay in the different areas of South America and how much it might cost you.

Look online to find deals and places to shop

You can cut costs while backpacking in South America by looking online to find the cheapest places to shop. It’s often overwhelming when you get to a new area, and you are unsure where to get your supplies. You can often find deals online that you can use to get a discount when you get to stores such as on Folletomania. It will help you to cut costs when it comes down to finding food to buy while you are in areas such as Argentina. Ask the locals where they shop as well, so you know the cheapest places to go.

Learn some of the language

Another thing you should know about cutting costs while backpacking in South America is that you should learn some of the language. If they see you are speaking English, they will likely put the prices up in stores. Therefore, learn some of the basics of Spanish or Portuguese so that they won’t know that you have come from a different country. It will really help when you try and communicate with the locals too.

Try local food

You can also cut costs while backpacking in South America by making sure you try some of the local food. It can be appealing to go into restaurants which are serving a broad range of food, but it will end up costing you a fortune. Be brave and try the local food and go to places which are busy with the locals.

Don’t forget these travel essentials when backpacking around South America!

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