GUIDE: Milan to Lake Como by Train

Milan to Lake Como by Train

So you want to go from Milan to Lake Como by train but you don’t know how to go about it? You have come to the right place.
One of my highlights from Italy so far, has been to see the beautiful Lake Como. Well, except for when it started to pour down plus a little bit (a lot!) of thunder and lightning added in to the mix.
And yes, I had checked the weather forecast before I left and I swear it only said ‘light rain showers’. Light rain showers, my a**. I’ve lived in England for five years – I can handle a light rain shower. That was NOT a light rain shower!
Anyway, that wasn’t the point. The point is that Lake Como is absolutely stunning and you are cheating yourself if you skip this place during your Milan visit.

The scenery is breathtaking and no wonder so many celebrities have villas and mansions there – I would too, if I won the lottery.

Milan to Lake Como by Train

Here’s how you get from Milan to Lake Como by train

You need to take the train from MILAN to VARENNA ESINO

First of all I would suggest that you check the departure times on Trenord before you leave. It’s very simple and you can change the language settings to English. The trains run approx. once an hour.

Go to Milan Central Station (Stazione di Milano Centrale) and find one of the red ticket machines. Make sure you arrive early if this is the first time you’re using these machines. They really are easy to figure out, but it’s better to show up a bit early to avoid missing your train.
Try to avoid buying your tickets from the Tourist Information inside the station. They will charge you a small fee. It’s not a lot but it all adds up in the end.

Varenna Station 1

When you have your ticket, check which platform you need to be at by looking at the huge departure screen. Now just follow the signs that leads you towards the platforms – trust me, you can’t get lost! And remember to stamp your ticket in the yellow machine on the platform. 

The trains are not of the highest standard but they will get you there. 
It takes about 1 hour and 3 minutes to get to Varenna from Milan. When you have left Milan and are driving closer and closer to Lake Como you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery. That’s exactly what I came to Italy for. 

Varenna Station

Before you go running off to the picture perfect Bellagio, I really recommend that you look around Varenna for a little bit as that is a really pretty town as well. The view over the lake is breathtaking and there a places where you can have lunch as well. 

Lake Como
Varenna to Bellagio

When you’re done in Varenna and are ready to go to Bellagio you need to catch the ferry. They run regularly during the summer months and they can also take you to other places around Lake Como – unfortunately, thanks to the crappy weather, I did not get to enjoy that.


When you’re done exploring the beauty of Lake Como, go back to Varenna Esino and catch the train back to Milan.
If you’d rather stay overnight there are some nice places to choose from.

Getting from Milan to Lake Como by train will cost you around $15 USD


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  1. Wow… so beautiful… glad to be along your travels.. can’t wait to read more, hoping you’re taking their culture food and video conversations as tourist to hear voices culture and personalities around the your life traveling… it would be cool to have meet up points when your blog starts growing… like meet up on Paris for coffee at such such…

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