How I Can Afford To Travel The World

How I Can Afford to Travel the World

While I’m writing this there are now just THREE weeks until I leave for my trip around the world. Unfortunately, I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to explain how much I’m looking forward to it, so all I’m gonna say is just: woohoo! 
But the thing is that when you’re going traveling you need to somehow be able to afford it – obviously. 
Sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees and my parents don’t have millions of dollars in their bank accounts that they can hand out to me, so instead I need to finance the trip myself. Boooh. 

Do you want to know how I can afford to travel the world from the 22nd of June? Well, let me tell you. 

You’re probably going to be disappointed by hearing this: there is no magical recipe. It’s all about working hard and making money. You could also try and win the lottery, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. 
I work my butt off every day to be able to fund my adventures. It’s not always easy but I’m lucky enough that I’m doing something I actually love – which makes it worth it. 

Green View

I used to have a  regular job

Once upon a time (okay, it wasn’t that long ago) I had one of those regular jobs where you wake up at 7 in the morning, drag yourself out of bed and go to a place where you spend most of your day. And then someone pays you for that. 
Luckily, I’ve always liked my jobs (except for that one time I worked in a hotel in England), but I don’t want to go back to a regular job any time soon. 
However, when I did have a job like that I put away a certain amount of money every month and kept them in my savings account. I still have that money tucked away and they are only there for emergencies or for really awesome experiences. 
Two years ago I would have spent that money straight away, but now I’m older and my priorities have changed which makes it easier. 

I’m a freelancer

I don’t have a regular job any more as I decided that it would be much more fun to be my own boss. And it really is. So I decided to become a full-time freelancer
I’ve talked about this a lot in the past couple of months and I keep mentioning it, because I want you to know that it is an option worth considering. 

I’m not gonna lie to you: it’s not a stable job. One day you have a contract with a client and the next day you don’t. It’s not secure like a regular job, but it’s worth it. 
When I first started out as a freelancer I had one client. Now I juggle four clients at a time and even though it’s hard work, my bank account is thanking me for it. 

It’s kind of difficult to explain exactly what it is that I do as it always varies so much. My long-term freelance jobs involves being a virtual assistant and a customer service support agent. But I also do other admin work and English-Danish translations on a regular basis. Every day it’s something new, really. 

Habour View

I’m a travel blogger

This is my favourite job of them all. This is what I am really passionate about and I would do it even if I didn’t make a penny from it. In fact, my first year as a travel blogger didn’t earn me any money at all what-so-ever. 
I don’t make a huge amount from blogging but I get by. But it’s also bringing in other opportunities than just cash. I’m about to have some really awesome experiences in Italy and in Asia thanks to this blog and I will be staying in really cool hostels thanks to this blog. 

However, I do want to point out that as a travel blogger you shouldn’t sell yourself short and blindly say yes to everything that is being thrown at you. Say yes to stuff that will benefit not only you but also your audience. And say no to everything else. Don’t sell your soul for a free trip! And also remember that it’s never actually free. If a company invites you to come and test a tour or to stay in their hotel, it’s usually in exchange for a review and mentions on your blog and social media. 


I wrote and published an eBook

When my eBook became available on Amazon I didn’t actually think that anyone would buy it. But they did and it made me happy. Yay! I wrote about how I became location independent as a virtual assistant in a very short time and I wrote about how you can do it, too. As I mentioned in it: I want us all to succeed which is why I’m always happy to help people out. 
It’s meant to be a short and sweet guide that will get you started as a VA straight away. If you haven’t embraced the whole eBook thing just yet, you can purchase it from me as a PDF file instead by emailing me. 


So as you can see there wasn’t a magic recipe anywhere. No one is throwing money at me for the fun of it – but hey, feel free to. I actually have to work hard for it just like everyone else does. But thanks to this hard work I will be able to travel full-time and long-term which is all I’ve ever wanted to do. 

How do you afford your travels? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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