That One Thing I Can’t Travel Without

Can't Travel Without

Over on BootsnAll they’re running a challenge called Do You Indie (2015 Indie Travel Challenge).
When you’ve signed up they will email you a list of questions that can have to answer each day – if you want to that is.
I had noticed that they started this travel challenge on the 1st of November, but as usual life came in the way so I haven’t had a chance to have a look at it before now. 

The question for today (11th of November 2015) is:

Travel Without

First I thought today’s question would be so easy and simple to answer. I would have gone for passport and money. Obviously. However, it did say that it had to be something other than those two things. Now, that makes it a lot harder to answer. 

To be very honest, I don’t know what I would choose besides my passport. I’m one of those people who don’t own a whole lot of things. When I moved into another flat back in July, I was so surprised when I realised that all of my stuff could fit in five moving boxes. That’s it. My whole life. In five boxes. And guess what? There was a lot of the stuff where I thought: “I might as well throw that out. I don’t really need that anyway.” 
If there’s one thing I will never become, it’s a hoarder. I don’t need a lot of stuff plus I don’t get attached to things easily. If I don’t use something for a certain amount of time I just chuck it out. I don’t need the mess in my life. 

can't travel without

I wish I could give a really cool answer to this question. Like I can’t travel without this old, ancient map of the world that I found up in the attic at my grandmother’s house as a kid, and that said map had been in my family for generations (I didn’t find a map up in the attic at my grandmother’s house as a kid). Or maybe an old, dusty book with travel stories from all over the world that my great grandfather was given as a gift by a tribe in Peru (my great grandfather was not gifted with a book by a tribe in Peru – from what I know of. I could be wrong, I guess. I don’t even know if my great grandfather ever went to Peru …)

Those two things I mentioned above sounds so much cooler than the answer I’m gonna end up giving. My answer would be something as boring as my smartphone! 
There’s absolutely nothing cool or interesting about it, but hey, its quite convenient and it’s been making my life a hell of a lot easier. 

Zascha river

With my phone I can connect with people from all over the world, use it as a dictionary, read books, watch films, listen to music, use it as a sat nav, read the newspaper, book flights/hostels/tours. Yeah, pretty much anything as you all know. So however boring it sounds, it is after all the one thing I can’t travel without and I’m sure a lot of other people would agree with me.

I’d love to be one of those people who can just turn off their phones and do a “digital detox”, and I probably could if I really had to. But with my phone I feel like I have a million opportunities right at my feet. 
Maybe one day I’ll find something else that can be my number one thing I can’t travel without. Something that I will have some sort of attachment to, something that will have some sort of a sentimental meaning to me. But until then, I’m quite happy with my Samsung.

What’s the number one thing you can’t travel without? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

4 thoughts on “That One Thing I Can’t Travel Without

  1. Smartphone is definitely a useful item. Honestly, one could likely travel around the world without a passport or money. So, to me, the only thing essential for travel is not really a thing. It is a sense of adventure.

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