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Where to stay in Fort Augustus

Do you want to stay in an adorable and friendly Bed & Breakfast when you visit the Scottish Highlands? Then the Bank House B&B in Fort Augustus is for you!
I’d just quickly like to point out that this is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting paid for this review or getting a free stay or anything. I’m just simply writing it because I wanted to. 

Bank House B&B Review: 

bank house b&b review

The Bank House B&B has the perfect location. You just have to walk down the road and you can see the south west end of Loch Ness. Look the other way and you can see the Caledonian Canal. 
Along the Caledonian Canal you will find a few local shops and a couple of places to eat. Walk for another minute down the road and you will find the Tourist Information as well as the bus stop that will take you to either Inverness or in the other direction to Fort William.
Fair enough, Fort Augustus is quite tiny so you’re never really far away from anything.

The beautiful stone building is actually a former bank – hence the name. Well, technically it’s still a bank at one side of the house apparently, but that part is only open twice a week. 

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When we arrived we were welcomed by the owners Sue and Ian. I felt like I knew them already as we had communicated via email prior to our stay.

They were genuinely friendly and nice – not over the top and ‘fake’ like I’ve experienced in other places. When they asked you something, they were actually genuinely interested in hearing your answer. 
Sue had already made sure that she had timetables for the bus printed out for us, as she knew we would be relying on public transport during our stay. She had also been to the Tourist Information before our arrival to enquire about tours to the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately because of the time of year, the tours had finished for the season. 

bank house b&b review

The Room: 

The room was gorgeous. I didn’t see any of the other rooms, but I just know that we had the best one in the house. I loved the way it was decorated and it was a huge room, which is always a plus. We had a lovely view over The Caledonian Canal and we could see mountains in the horizon. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

There were tea, coffee and biscuits every day. And of course the mugs had sheep on them. The coasters had sheep on them as well … It is Scotland after all! 
We also had access to WIFI and it worked brilliantly. There were only a couple of times where it decided to act up, but after making Sue and Ian aware of the problem they fixed it immediately. 

bank house b&b review

I was incredibly fond of the bathroom for some reason. I loved the wooden floor, it was clean (like spotless!), and they provided soap and shampoo.

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The Breakfast

The breakfast was to die for! We were given a piece of paper that we had to fill out every evening before 10 pm and then leave it downstairs on the desk. We were given several options and then we just had to tick off what we wanted and what time we would like it. 

bank house b&b review

Arriving in the dining room for breakfast every morning was always an experience. The view was great and the room had so many little personal touches. 
I had the same breakfast every morning during my stay – a traditional English breakfast – and it is without a doubt the best breakfast I’ve had. It beats the ones you have in a pub. 
In the dining room you could also find lots of leaflets about activities in the local area. 

Would I stay here again?

Uhm. Let me think about it … absofreakinlutely!
I loved the place, I loved the location, I loved the owners. I had an amazing stay there and I’ve already decided that when I go back to the Highlands, I will stay here again. 

Bank House2

Address: Station Road, Fort Augustus, Loch Ness, PH32 4AY

Telephone: 01320 366755

Website: Click here

Average price per night: £40 (USD $61) including breakfast. 

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Did you like the Bank House B&B Review? Or have you stayed here yourself? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

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