5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Denmark

5 reasons why you should visit denmark

It’s no secret that I’m originally from Denmark. But I sometimes feel bad for leaving that wonderful country, so instead I’m trying to make up for it by writing about it.
I’ve already written an article on how to travel Copenhagen on a budget, and if that didn’t encourage you to travel to Denmark (of course it did), then this might help.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Denmark

1. We used to be the happiest people in the world

Okay, okay. I see what’s wrong with this one. It’s the words ‘used to’.
But seriously. We had that title for ages, we were proud of it and we were known for it. 
I remember going to a comedy show in Leicester Square, London and the comedian pretty much spent 50 % of his show talking about Denmark and our ‘happiness’. And yes, he found out there was a Dane in the audience (spoiler alert: me) and yes, it was embarrassing. 

But it just so happens that now Switzerland has decided to steal the title away from us (You’re dead to me, Switzerland! Just kidding, but I’m watching you…), so now we’re only the third happiest country in the world. But hey, that’s still pretty good, right? 

why you should travel to denmark

2. It’s not too crowded 

Here’s the thing: I’ve been to both New York and London. And I love both cities very much. But seriously, they are too flipping crowded. It’s like I’m drowning and I can’t breathe and you’re being pushed and shoved around. 

Denmark however, gives you more room to breathe. There are still lots of people but it’s on a different level, even in Copenhagen. 

why you should travel to denmark

3. Denmark are one of the oldest monarchies in the world 

I love royal families. I find them and the history super interesting.
I find the Danish royal family so down to earth. I even met the Prince and the Princess in a department store once. 

And what’s so great about Denmark is that there are so many castles around the country. Which is quite impressive since Denmark is so small. 
Some of them are ruins, but many of them are still standing and some of them you can visit. 

4. Because … pastries! 

Now if this isn’t enough reasons as to why you should travel to Denmark, then I don’t know what is. Pastries should be enough reason to go there. 
We are famous for them and I can totally understand why. They’re amazing.

Other countries are trying to copy the Danish pastries, but they are just not the same (looking at you, England. Sorry).
Good thing is, I make the most amazing pastries (or at least I think I do), and I have no self-control when they’re right in front of me. 


5. The food culture

The Scandinavian restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen is still number 1 on the list of the best restaurants in the world (now let’s just hope Switzerland doesn’t steal that title away from us as well… seriously, just kidding. I love you, Switzerland. Not bitter at all.)

But really, Denmark has some amazing food. And this comes from someone who hates most food. There’s something for everyone and it’s so much more than just pastries. Although I’d still be quite happy if it was just pastries. 

If you ever go to Denmark, then you definitely need to try things such as frikadeller, tartelletter and smoerrebroed. I know none of that made any sense to non-Danish speakers, but trust me. 


Have you ever been to Denmark? Do you agree with my reasons to why you should travel to Denmark? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Denmark

  1. My parents recently came back from a long weekend to Copenhagen and they really enjoyed it so it’s bumped up the list of places I want to visit. I really want to go, maybe when I’m not a poor student and have a bit more money, haha.

  2. My parents recently came back from a trip to Copenhagen and loved it. It’s a place I’d love to visit when I’m not longer a poor student with a bit more money, haha

  3. I was actually talking about this with another traveller a few days ago. I always wondered what there is to see and do in Denmark and why people go there. It does seem like a nice place to be – especially because I don’t really like being in crowded places!

    p.s. I’m from Switzerland. Are you saying Switzerland is now the happiest country in the world? Haha


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