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Hello everyone! And welcome to my little corner of the Internet. 
I’m Zascha and I’m gonna show you the world according to me. After living in Denmark most of my life and then spending five years in England whilst traveling part time, I decided I needed more. So I’m now traveling around the world full time while I freelance and blog – with no return ticket. That’s how life is meant to be lived, right?
My primary focus on this blog is traveling solo. I’m gonna share my travels and adventures from around the globe, so I hope you’ll stick around and follow me as I explore our wonderful, crazy world. You never know, maybe I’ll inspire you to do the same?
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11th July: It feels so surreal that I’ve already been on the road for nearly three weeks! And tomorrow I will leave Italy to fly to Thailand. I don’t really have anything planned except for the first two weeks, so I will just see where the road takes me. Who knows where I will be a month from now!

It’s a long journey to Thailand, though. I will leave Rome to fly to Amman, Jordan. And then a lovely 8 hour layover there before a very long flight to Bangkok – and we all know I just LOVE flying. Not! Ah well, see you guys when I’m in Southeast Asia.  


Sok San Beach Resort Review – Welcome to Paradise

As I think we have established by now, Cambodia has been my favourite country so far during my full time travels. It amazed me in ways I didn't expect and I am fascinated with the culture. While I was there I of course had to go to the island of Koh Rong. All of the travelers … Continue Reading

Traveling Asia? Why Not Visit Bandung, Indonesia?

If you want to see beauty like no other place in Asia, then the city of Bandung in Indonesia might be the ideal choice for you as your next travel destination.  In Bandung you will find incredible architecture, lots of shopping opportunities and a bustling nightlife. But if you want to satisfy your adventurous soul … Continue Reading

I Was Sexually Assaulted in Hoi An, Vietnam

I wasn't sure whether or not I should write this. I wasn't sure if I should just keep my mouth shut or if I should speak up. But I decided that I needed to speak up. I needed to let my voice be heard. I was sexually assaulted in Hoi An, Vietnam.  I was super … Continue Reading

Touring England in the Winter: Festivals Start in November!

There is nothing quite like the anticipation of the winter holidays as the air begins to turn from cool to cold and the leaves have all but fallen from the trees. It’s time to take out the cocoa and a plate of biscuits to enjoy sitting before the fireplace with a good book and a … Continue Reading

3 Things New York Has To Offer That Nowhere Else Can

People say New York is overrated. I’ve heard this statement so many times. Friends and family said it a lot after I told them I was planning to go there. Why are you going to New York when you could go to blah blah, instead. I hate it when people tell me where I should … Continue Reading

Getting a Tattoo in Saigon, Vietnam

I've always said that I would never ever get a tattoo. I never really liked them and I've always been scared of the pain. Yeah, I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain.  But when I started my travels back in June and when I arrived in Thailand I couldn't stop thinking … Continue Reading

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