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Hello everyone! And welcome to my little corner of the Internet. 
I’m Zascha and I’m gonna show you the world according to me. After living in Denmark most of my life and then spending five years in England whilst traveling part time, I decided I needed more. So I’m now traveling around the world full time while I freelance and blog – with no return ticket. That’s how life is meant to be lived, right?
My primary focus on this blog is traveling solo. I’m gonna share my travels and adventures from around the globe, so I hope you’ll stick around and follow me as I explore our wonderful, crazy world. You never know, maybe I’ll inspire you to do the same?
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18th March 2017: I’m having a blast in Malaysia. My 6th country on my trip around the world – yes, I know, I’m a bit slow but I’ve got all the time in the world. Where in the world are you? 

24th December 2016: I’m wishing all of you beautiful people a very merry Christmas. Hope, all of your wishes come true and you’ll have a fabulous time with your loved ones. Thanks for being one of my awesome readers on According to Zascha!


My First Airbnb Experience Was Not A Success

Confession time: yesterday I had my very first Airbnb experience! I know. Shock! Horror! How far behind can a person be? It's 2017, Zascha. Well, I mainly use Agoda because that's where I'm able to find the best deals, but lately I've felt the need to rent apartments instead of the usual hostels and hotels. I … Continue Reading

I Want to Move to Pécs, Hungary!

Remember that time last year when I almost convinced myself to move to Bologna in Italy due to its incredible beauty? Yeah, that's happening again, but this time I have set my eyes on the beautiful city of Pécs in Hungary.  I kind of want to move here!  Don't worry, I'm not actually going to … Continue Reading

Sacrifices I Make in Order to Travel

I have, without a doubt, had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to live the lifestyle that I do. Sacrifices that other people may not want to make, but sacrifices that I am quite OK with - if I wasn't, I wouldn't be doing it. It is after all out of choice and … Continue Reading

Unique Accommodation in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is without a doubt one of the most amazing places on Earth. It is beautiful, it's serene, it's peaceful. It's a place you should go if you want to do some thinking about life and some soul searching. I can't guarantee you that you'll find all the answers, but I can promise … Continue Reading

Monthly Catch Up May 2017

May was a great month. I've enjoyed being back in Denmark so much and spending so much time with my lovely family. You really do start to appreciate the people in your life once you're thousands of miles away from them for nearly a year. I don't think I planned to stay in Denmark for … Continue Reading

One Day In Odense – Home of Hans Christian Andersen

I have said this before: Denmark is so much more than just Copenhagen. Of course I understand why Copenhagen (and other capitals in general) are so appealing to tourist and travelers, but believe me, Denmark has a lot more to offer than just our bustling capital. One day in Odense - The Fairy Tale City  … Continue Reading

Around The USA: From A To Z

One problem with planning a trip to the states is that there are too many cool destinations to choose from! Not sure where you want to visit? Hopefully, this A to Z of the USA will help you figure it out. A - Alaska. Sure, it’ll be cold, but imagine exploring that great landscape! B … Continue Reading

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