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Hello everyone! And welcome to my little corner of the Internet. 
I’m Zascha and I’m gonna show you the world according to me. After living in Denmark most of my life and then spending five years in England whilst traveling part time, I decided I needed more. So I’m now traveling around the world full time while I freelance and blog – with no return ticket. That’s how life is meant to be lived, right?
My primary focus on this blog is traveling solo. I’m gonna share my travels and adventures from around the globe, so I hope you’ll stick around and follow me as I explore our wonderful, crazy world. You never know, maybe I’ll inspire you to do the same?
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11th July: It feels so surreal that I’ve already been on the road for nearly three weeks! And tomorrow I will leave Italy to fly to Thailand. I don’t really have anything planned except for the first two weeks, so I will just see where the road takes me. Who knows where I will be a month from now!

It’s a long journey to Thailand, though. I will leave Rome to fly to Amman, Jordan. And then a lovely 8 hour layover there before a very long flight to Bangkok – and we all know I just LOVE flying. Not! Ah well, see you guys when I’m in Southeast Asia.  


What I Hate About My Fellow Travelers

Okay, okay. I know. 'Hate' is a strong word. Of course I don't hate anyone (or do I?). But there are a lot of things about my fellow travelers that just gets on my nerves completely. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I'm any better than them. I'm no saint. But there are just … Continue Reading

I Can’t Wait to Go to Bali, Indonesia!

If you've been following me on social media over the past couple of months (of course you have, haven't you!?), then you will know that I've been debating where to go next after Vietnam. So many options! But luckily, I also have so much time.  I love Vietnam and I could stay here forever as … Continue Reading

Budget Winter Sun Destinations for Those Who Need to Get Away

The UK in winter can be rather miserable. Sun is in short supply and unless you enjoy freezing your extremities off, you won’t have many opportunities to sunbathe in a sexy little bikini. The obvious answer is to escape somewhere hot and enjoy a winter sunshine break. However, holidays abroad can be expensive. You could … Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why I Sometimes Hate Hostels

The majority of the time I love staying in hostels. Why? Because they're cheap, they're a great way to meet people and you can book everything trough them just like in a hotel. But sometimes I just frigging hate them. 7 reasons why I sometimes hate hostels • When people think it's OK to chatter away … Continue Reading

South Africa Offers a HOLE Lot Of Things To Do

South Africa offers a HOLE lot of things to do! If you are always looking for the next incredible place to visit and to experience all you can on your travels, sometimes this means straying from the beaten path a little. This doesn’t mean you should be averse to sitting on a beautiful beach with … Continue Reading

Tinder While Traveling – It’s a Nightmare!

Honestly, I've never been a big fan of Tinder since I know why most people use it. But then I started my full-time solo travels and I thought: why not use Tinder while traveling? It would be a great way to meet new people. But oh my God, it has been a bit of an … Continue Reading

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